January 13, 2023
at the Napa Truffle Festival

Join Chief Scientist Prof. Paul Thomas and Chief Truffle Officer Robert Chang of the American Truffle Company® for an in-depth all-day seminar on the fundamentals of the science and business of truffle cultivation. Gain insights into the scientific and business factors one must consider in successful truffle cultivation from two leading truffle experts. Tour a working truffle orchard and see how dogs are used to find truffles in live demonstrations. Share the excitement of unearthing truffles from the soil!

Science + Knowledge = Success

Anyone can plant truffle trees, but actually
harvesting truffles depends on science and knowledge.

To be successful at truffle cultivation requires extensive knowledge – knowledge that’s based on rigorous science and largely unavailable in the public domain. Many people have planted truffle trees without science, only to see no truffles. American Truffle Company® brings world-class, cutting-edge truffle science, customized and applied to your specific soil, microclimate and other conditions so you have the best science and knowledge at your disposal – science and knowledge that are unavailable anywhere else in the public domain.

Who’s behind all this truffle business?

Robert Chang

Chief Truffle Officer & Managing Director

Prof. Paul Thomas

Chief Scientist




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