Changes to climatic variables across the world are evidenced from a large range of sources, including climate station logging by humans. Future predictions for climate change are variable and complex; however, there is broad agreement for the direction of impacts for many areas. We at American Truffle Company are often asked the question ‘how will

Since the first year that the Napa Truffle Festival held its Marketplace at Oxbow Public Market (2012), chef/co-owner Dario De Conti of Ca’ Momi Enoteca has presented lively cooking demos of their popular Pizza al Tartufo Nero. This year, their new Napa downtown restaurant Ca’ Momi Osteria also offered truffle menus throughout the winter truffle

This year’s Napa Truffle Festival invited local restaurants to participate in the winter truffle season with a truffle dish or menu. We’ll be sharing some of their recipes and stories, beginning with the lovely, bistro-style Angèle Restaurant & Bar’s Warm Ricotta Custard with wild mushrooms and shaved black truffles by Chef Rogelio Garcia. Custard suggests

Chef Ken Frank is the official host chef of the annual Napa Truffle Festival. Each year, he helps select the master guest chefs and provides his beautiful La Toque restaurant as the venue for the festival’s signature Truffles & Wine Dinner. Widely considered the top truffle chef of North America, he holds the distinct honor

Black Truffles in Macedonia

This has been a very exciting truffle season for us with the harvesting of our first cultivated truffle in the UK and now a second first harvest at one of our orchards in Macedonia, planted seven years ago. These truffle orchards were inoculated by us with the black truffle fungus (Tuber melanosporum) and managed and

Joining our host Chef Ken Frank of La Toque for the 2016 Napa Truffle Festival are three master chefs, including San Francisco’s David Barzelay of Lazy Bear, Italy’s Stefano Ciotti of Nestrano and New Orleans’ Rick Tramonto of Restaurant R’evolution. As a special preview, Chef Rick shared his delicious, soul warming recipe for truffle cappuccino

Spore mats are an intriguing phenomena. For certain fungi, they may be quite visible as dense mats of fungi in the ground that produce spores. Spores are, of course, the seeds of a fungus and those that are found on spore mats are often mitospores, whereas those that form from a fruiting body, such as

In 2010, Chef Gabriel Kreuther was among the first five Michelin star chefs to join us for the inaugural Napa Truffle Festival. Working together, the master chef team created incredible dishes for our now signature Truffles & Wine Dinner at La Toque. Our chefs’ blog this month features Chef Gabriel’s simple, yet amazingly complex and

During our recent trek Down Under, Dr. Paul Thomas and I spent time in Manjimup Western Australia researching and foraging for black European truffles—the very same black diamonds that ATC cultivates with our truffle partners here in North America. Our time there was educational and exhilarating. See Dr. Thomas’ July blog for insights about the

Last month, Robert Chang and I visited Western Australia to explore several facets of their native truffle industry. While there, I was particularly keen to look at the issues many orchards are having with truffle rot. Despite the fact that some plantations in Western Australia produce very good yields, there has been a localized problem

In 2014, Chef Carrie Nahabedian of Michelin star NAHA in Chicago joined us for the 4th annual Napa Truffle Festival. Along with preparing a dish for the Truffles & Wine Dinner at La Toque, she prepared this over-the-top delicious salmon dish for the Nickel & Nickel Winery Truffle Lunch to pair with the winery’s lovely

Despite the traditional focus by truffle cultivation researchers and practitioners on site selection and in-field methodologies, it is a new genetic understanding that represents a new frontier. In 2010 the genome of Tuber melanosporum (black European truffles), the world’s most commercially valuable cultivatable truffle species and the focus of American Truffle Company’s ongoing research and

In 2012, Chef Suzette Gresham of Michelin star Acquerello in San Francisco, joined the Napa Truffle Festival for its second year of the Truffles & Wine Dinner at La Toque and its first year of Winery Truffle Lunches. Her user-friendly approach to food preparation made the cooking demonstration at Robert Mondavi Winery as fun as

In 2014, the Napa Truffle Festival invited Chef Jarad Gallagher of Michelin star Chez TJ in Mountain View to participate as a guest chef during the festival weekend. His friendly, bright contributions included a dish for the Saturday Truffles & Wine Dinner at La Toque, and a cooking demonstration and truffle menu for the Winery

It’s been less than three months since the 5th annual Napa Truffle Festival, but we already miss our guest Master Chef Roberto Donna who brought a lively and very Italian energy to the table with his fabulous food and friendly, dynamic personality. Below he shares his famous Black Truffle Risotto, which he demonstrated during the