American Truffle Company’s partner/chief scientist Dr. Paul Thomas (based in the UK) created the highly rigorous scientific methods for truffle cultivation practiced by ATC. He started six years ago with a planting in the UK and has since had harvests with partner orchards in Spain and Australia. This harvest in the UK is significant because it’s the first successful commercial UK farmed truffle orchard. It’s also significant for ATC because ATC has used identical science and methodologiesin creating and managing truffle orchards with partner growers here in the US. ATC’s first US truffle orchard was established two years after the first UK orchard.

With Dr. Thomas’ scientific methodologies having been proven in the harsher and more difficult UK climate, ATC’s truffle orchards in the US have everything going for them. In fact, all growing signals and regular monitoring results for existing ATC orchards show positive truffle progress.